Marriage Is A Social Evil? Or A Product Of Social Evil?

Marriage is one single word which is changing people’s life. One minute, you just had you to take care of and only one person’s laundry to do. Suddenly, after marriage, you just find yourself landed in too much work. It is like a good list of things to do that you have no idea to do. People nowadays consider marriage as an inessential and something for waste of time.

How did several years of concept become invalid?
People have no time to have a family and work out as a team. They are grown more independently. People organise their memories and pictures on a recollections storage cart since, there is nothing significant happening. Females are no longer in house. They have their own lives. People are turning into gays and lesions and also bi. It is not really their mistake because most of the time, a person’s sexual preferences are changed because of abuse of any kind.
There is a concept called “living together”. In this concept, people both male and females can retain their individuality and freedom and still be in a married life kind of environment. Then, in several countries, prostitution is legalised and people are just making a top there for a doze of sexual activity. They can be in a relationship and there is an easy way to get out. In countries like France, married people just walk away without divorce because in their country the amount paid to get a divorce is more than the amount needed to conduct a marriage.

In New York, people, mainly females, are having no partners since men are gay. Potentially good females are having no partners in and around the world because the guys are already having too many illicit affairs and they do not want to be tied down to one female. Or else they are just gay who do not bat for females.

What’s wrong with the society?
Accepting the various sexual preferences is difference depend upon the law and morality not to forget the ethics of the country. But, it should be legalised that men and women can not have illicit affairs before or after marriage. They should be punished for it.But, this might sound like the law is cutting down the independence of individual beings and engaging in their fundamental rights. But, what is going to happen to continuity of species? After all there is a saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and there was a book published under the same title. Probably if this scenario continues, we might as well cut divide earth into two parts and have one part for the males and other part for women. Even better, we should be sent back to Mars and Venus. If we don’t find a way, then Homo sapiens will be there no more.

Enjoy Timeless Passion of Stamp Collection


There are no ends to hobbies people are gifted with. Different people have interest and passion in different things. You may take a liking and feel like pursuing your interest, which probably might not match with your soul mate. Stamp collection is one of the timeless hobbies that many people are gifted with. This is indeed an exciting and pleasurable hobby for people across the world. Millions of people may be blessed with this hobby, but their reasons of collecting stamps may differ. Some do it professionally to make money, while others do it just for fun.

Stamp collection, to its core, refers to the strong endeavour of gathering postage covers and stamps. This is pursued by millions of enthusiasts. Some stamp collectors invest in rare and old stamps, like george v stamp collection, thereby making it a philatelic investment. This process involves carefully study of the rare stamps thereby making them a tangible asset. Stamp collection does not need any equipment and that’s probably one of the best things about this hobby. However, there are many passionate collectors who invest in apparatus which helps them to preserve age old stamps. Such apparatus lets them store and inspect their ensemble of stamps.

If you are a zealous stamp collector and want to enrich your stamp collection by george v stamp collection, then you might take interest in such apparatus, like heat, humidity and light free boxes and glassine envelops and cheap stamp albums. These let safe preservation of the stamps. Also, magnifying glass and stamp tongs are other special equipment which the stamp admirers love to possess.

In many countries, stamp collection is considered as a source of revenue as there is a great assortment of stamps which are meant for collection. Often, the stamps created in a country exceed postal needs thereby making it cheap and convenient for the collectors to gather stamps.

Stamp enthusiasts store and display the stamps in a range of styles and classify them according to the topic, size, year or country. Hence, stamp collection completely depends on your personal choice and interest. You may collect stamps of flora, fauna, animals, cartoons, decorations, holidays, sports, countries, statues or monuments or eminent personalities.
Stamps can be classified according to:


These kinds of stamps are country oriented. These display the monuments, lifestyle or scenery of any specific country.


These are the most common forms of stamps. These are regularly printed. If the creation and circulation of such stamps are ceased, then these are considered to be rare.


These stamps are mostly used in government documents and are difficult to acquire.


These stamps are printed to celebrate any special events or occasions. These are available with stamp dealers.